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What it Means to be Diagnosed with Epilepsy

Something that can affect men, women, children, and all those around you 


This can be very scary news and not what they were hoping to hear.  The brain at this point is like a computer, it gets overloaded with stress, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep and it just freezes up.  There has been a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain, but never fear this happens only for a short period of time. 

If you have never seen a seizure happen in another person before, depending on the type, it can look like they are just staring off in space, or they can be walking like a drunk, or possibly if you got there in time you could see the complete action.  The Grand Mal will cause the whole body to shake around with tremendous force, froth at the mouth and even make strange sounds.  In a child, this has been misdiagnosed at first as ‘temper-tantrums’, and the child sent home unattended to.  This is not a disease but a condition of health that has many symptoms.

SIGNS and Symptoms:

These will vary from person to person but in general some of the signs are:

                              :  Temporary Confusion,                                                                                          

                              :   Total Confusion

                              :   Loss of Consciousness

                              :   Staring

                              :   Strenuous jerking of the arms and legs

AFTER a seizure  :   Confusion

                              :   Headache/migraine

                              :   Memory Loss

                              :   Emotional disturbances    

                              :   Difficulty talking

                              :   Bruising/cuts/carpet burn (these could need attention by third party)

                              :   Total Exhaustion (just let me sleep)

                              :   Muscle soreness and/or pain

                              :   Nausea

                              :   Weakness

                              :    Urge to Urinate


WHO gets Epilepsy?

This includes children, men, and women. No one is left out, and it may be interesting to know that 5% of the world’s population will have a seizure at some point in their life. Famous poets, musicians, people in politics and those who have left us with great legacies are not exempt either.

WHAT causes Epilepsy?

There are some people that may have it for years and not be diagnosed with it.  Some may have had it since birth as a result of a defect, others an accident may cause it, strokes, and of course tumors are common.  As we get older there are other diseases that will have seizures present as well, Alzheimer’s being one.  A lot of us have no known cause, it is just there.

WILL I always have Epilepsy?

A lot of those who have found the right treatment for Epilepsy, have managed to remain free of seizures for a given period of time IF they take their drugs as prescribed by their Neurologist AND if they do their part and watch for things that could trigger a seizure.  Making yourself a diary of what happens just before, during and after can help both you and your doctor find the proper treatment.  A Neurologist once told me that ‘When Epilepsy free for this time is just like a cancer in remission and can strike at any time should the opportunity arise’!!

HOW serious is Epilepsy?

A seizure that lasts longer than 4-5 minutes, call 911 immediately.  Long lasting seizures called Status Epilepticus is definitely an emergency should you see one happening.  If not stopped within 30 minutes it can cause permanent brain damage.  The person can also die should they inhale vomit during this time or just after the seizure.  In general though, a seizure is not serious even if the person should loose consciousness. 

PEOPLE with seizures are not Epileptics:

That is a word that should never be used as it defines the person with a trait or a label.  This label is very powerful and can damage the person leaving him/her with very low self esteem.

PEOPLE with Epilepsy are seldom Brain Damaged: 

This is a condition just like anything else and just because it affects the brain area does not mean they are labeled as Brain Damaged.

PEOPLE with Epilepsy are NOT crazy:

Some people think that when they see someone violent, this means they are crazy.  The type of violent behavior you could see here the person can not help.  Unfortunately many are not trained, even when it comes to police officers and the person with Epilepsy can be picked up for not responding, even striking out at an officer which is very unfortunate.  Again in this area, people with Epilepsy are NOT mentally ill!  There are many other diseases where the person may have a seizure or act exactly like that of those with Epilepsy and they are not considered in this category, why those with Epilepsy?

EPILEPSY should not be a barrier to success. 

Goals can be achieved, dreams founded, and life can continue. 




Two people sharing the same goal:  to spread the word about Epilepsy and help those of you who are among the unaware understand some of the facts.  We both have lived a life of Epilepsy and have it all around us.  We have studied, worked with people who have Epilepsy, Jewl does public speaking about Epilepsy wherever she can and has her Seizure Alert Dogs, and Julie has made a website on Epilepsy and her story at


What helps keep us both occupied, stress free is doing craft work.  We are showing some of it here which you are free to purchase, and what we will do is donate 80% to the Epilepsy Research Foundation.  The rest of the % we will keep to purchase any new materials, hitting the bargain places if any is needed.  You will not only help the Research foundation by taking a look at these items but you are helping us as keeping STRESS FREE is a huge trigger in both our lives.


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